Tommy is currently a work in progress. Check frequently for updates!


A boy awakes out of his bed as if into a dream but he is no longer in his room. The bed is standing in shallow water on a dark shore. The moon is large and bright yet gives no illumination. Against his better instincts the boy jumps out of bed and wades to the beach which is broken by a dark and looming forest a little ways up. On the beach there are little crab burrows and the boy could see little critters inside them moving about, their eyes following him. Walking past one particularly large hole, he makes his way up the beach. Then, one of those critters came out of the hole. It was huge, a large scorpion with rolling eyes. Its left eye turned all the way toward the back of its head as it clicked its massive claws together. More scorpions came out of their burrows, clicking at him. The boy flees, running as fast as he can toward the seeming safety of the forest, eventually outrunning them.

Catching his breath, the boy looked back toward the beach. The scorpions weren’t following. Now, his attention is on something else. There is a light ahead within the ominous trees. The boy follows it and peers through the bushes. Before him, what looks to be a leathery balloon, is floating beside a lamp post. The Balloon turns around and, startlingly, has a face.

This is just a taste of what is to come. Each week I will add a new page to 'Tommy'.

'Tommy' is the sole property of Brian Watts! 2001-2011