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Ali snapped this great shot of me kayaking during our trip to Savannah last Thanksgiving

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I first thought of DTD in a dream. I imagined a world where the classic conflict of Light and Dark, Good and Evil and other opposing forces were in constant conflict. Sound familiar? Well imagine that in these battles the sides are unclear and their rivalry dates back so far into the past that the original battle started with the first humans and the first demons. This book follows the lives of all involved in this struggle whether they know of it or not. Most are trying to find their place in the world.

As if they don't quite belong or fit in. Maybe they really don't?

I am constantly working on this book. My goal is to have ten volumes with ten chapters per volume. Inside you will find the first chapter and prologue. Keep checking back as I add more chapters. I haven't quite decided if I wanted to update with a new chapter or page and I will probably make changes to the released chapters as my skills improve. Expect a new page at least every week or so.